At Molding Products sustainability is at the core of our process. We are committed to delivering products that benefit our planet, customers, communities, employees and owners.

Our Products

Chemistries utilizing renewable or recycled content give our customers sustainable choices. Renewable materials are transparently interchangeable with their fossil fuel counterparts. Products with recycled content improve our carbon footprint and in some cases, deliver unique properties.

Our Operations

We are careful stewards of the earth’s resources whether in the form of materials, energy or the environment. Waste management initiatives are established to push continuous improvement in our operations:

  • ¬†Advanced automation controls and monitors our manufacturing process to minimize environmental impact. Our engineers constantly seek to determine the most effective manufacturing methods to minimize energy consumption while at the same time maximize yield. This reduces by products and waste.
  • Thermal oxidizers and other environmental controls operate at a destruction efficiency of 99.99 percent to protect the atmosphere and the communities in which we operate.
  • Process improvement methods such as Lean Manufacturing and statistical process control allow us to further trim wasteful effort and scrap.
  • We also seek to use recycled or reclaimed containers for packaging. Whenever possible, we convert materials to bulk storage methods and eliminate consumable packaging altogether.


All of our facilities are ISO 14001 certified for environmental management. Independent auditors inspect our sites for conformance to sound environmental management methods and the positive results of using such a system.

Regulatory Compliance

In addition to our ISO 14001 registration, we self-inspect and audit every site annually to ensure all processes are meeting or exceeding our regulatory commitments. We enjoy healthy and cooperative relationships with state and federal entities.

In short, sustainability at Molding Products just makes good business sense